On-Demand App

As a mediator between customer and business Owner

On-demand platform allows users to order any kind of service and strives to deliver it in minutes. Like booking a ride through Grab.

These apps solve users’ major and minor everyday problems. For now, there are on-demand platforms in beauty, education, healthcare, taxi and cargo delivery, food delivery, and many other fields.

Thus, on-demand apps offer a faster and more convenient procedure and make their few dollars in return.

Lower costs

Offer lower prices compared to traditional providers. Cost is the main driver for buyers.


Service with a reliable mobile platform is handy, accessible, and one-click easy to get.

payment methods

Accept various payment options eg. online-banking, credit card, ewallet which are highly secured, fast & reliable.

Easy Access

User details eg payment info, delivery address can be retrieved when login to the app for every order.
What we do

Types of On-Demand Apps

As you can see, there are quite a lot spheres on-demand services come suitable for. Taxi, meal delivery, dog walking, babysitting, laundry pick-up – on-demand applications seem to be taking care of everything.

So let’s take a look at the most popular categories and consider leading apps in each.

Parcel delivery

Food delivery

Groceries delivery

Pharmacy delivery

Medical services

Handyman tasking

Field service

On-site maintenance

Home maintenance

Home cleaning


Frozen food delivery

How it works

Seamless Demand-Supply Process

Secure and easy way for people to log into their account Login as a Service Provider and start listing the services
Service Listing
Select the date range and surf through the marketplace or a certain range of services Setup offerings, schedules and rules for your listing
Confirmation notification after booking approval View customer profile and approve booking
Integrated global/local payment gateways or use COD Real time, In app Commission settlement
What we do

The On-Demand App Features

Multiple Login
It’s easy to create account and login using various options like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn & Email.
Easy Listing
Listings are unlimited so you can add and manage your offerings easily.
Advanced Filter
Show your customers their preferred choices using advanced filters.
Notifications will be sent to the agent and customers whenever a booking is made.
Advanced Search
Easy advanced search by type and duration of services & price.
Real-time Tracking
Provide up-to-the-minute status of job in progress
Chat Support
Be connected between you the customers and providers all the time using the chat platform.
Recurring Payments
Recurring plans can be set based on the type of the service or listing provided by the service provider.
Calendar Sync
Provide Google calendar synchronization with service agent’s daily calendar for quick bookings.
Provider Dashboard
Comprehensive dashboard for provider to manage. Custom UI/UX, Paid listing, Voucher, Multi-lingual, Advertising, Picture/video acknowledgement etc.

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