Loan Management System

Let you make payments with your smartphone

Loan management software helps you service loans from origination to management to collections. The software can help create a new loan for a customer, store information on the types of loan given out, manage APR and interest rates, create accurate reports and statements, and provide the needed tools to collect.


Users no need to prepare cash or credit card, just scan the QR code to make a payment.

Expenditure Tracking

Every amount spent or transaction can easily be tracked.


Offers the password security service to avoid unauthorized access.


You may find some discounts or rebates by using e-wallet.

E-Wallet Payment

User Registration
Phone number and IC number are used to register their account. The account will be registered by entering the verification code.
Auto/Reload Money into Account
You  can auto/reload money to the wallet by online transfer or credit card. The wallet amount will be reflected after reload.
Transfer or Receive Fund
eWallet app allows users to send or receive money to and from anyone by just providing the recipient number or through scanning the QR code.
transaction history
It becomes essential to add an E-wallet passbook so that users should be able to monitor their transaction history.
Send Money Back to Bank
User can send money back to his bank account if he does not keep extra cash in the wallet. Furthermore, each app has set a monthly limit for using the wallet. If that amount exceeds the limit, you cannot do more transactions.
Promotional and Offers
eWallet apps increasingly depend upon promotional offers and discounts to engage more customers and boost transactions.
Settings that help to customize an app as per the user needs. The app settings will come loaded with different areas such as profile settings, payment settings, and security settings.
Push Notification Messages
Push Notification messages are the feature to help app stay constantly in touch with the users in relevant contexts.

Application Screenshot