Digital Loyalty Platform

To Improve customer interactions

A unified Customer Retention Platform (CRP) enabling personalized campaigns and rewards through deeper end-to-end customer analytics. Create and manage personalized loyalty programs to build stronger relations with your audience

Membership Management

  • Member Loyalty
  • Member Subscription

Referral Program

  • Member gets member
  • Member gets customer
  • Subscriber gets subscriber

Analytics Info

Get deep insights into customer behaviour and segmentation, measurement for effective management.

reward redemption

  • Redeems for physical items
  • Redeems for digital goods

Digital Loyalty Platform

for Your business

Websight Loyalty Management is a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that allows you to create and execute successful loyalty programs with ease. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanisms to help you identify individual patterns in your clients’ behavior and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.

The system has frequently proven that there are many ways of how you can raise brand awareness. Thanks to its innovative and practical functionalities, building trust with customers has never been easier – see for yourself.

What we do

360° Customer View

Customer Profile Data

  • Demographic
  • Birthdate
  • Transaction etc
  • Customer Advocacy Score
    how to infuential the customer

In-store transaction data

  • Owned by brand
  • By 3rd party or channels eg. distributors or reseller

Customer Purchasing Data

  • Purchases made from brand’s official website
  • Purchases made in online marketplace
Key Benefits

Why Choose Digital Loyalty Platform?

Customer experience & reduced acquisition costs
Provide new & existing clients with personalized offers to achieve better business results in no time
Full insight into customer behavior
understand your customers’ needs better by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
Increased loyalty of program members
Break the cycle of price comparison and prevent deal-driven customer churn
Raised brand awareness
Gain a stronger market position and stay ahead of your competitors
Real-time efficiency
Communicate with your customers through multiple channels effectively at all times
Reliability & convenience
Run multiple loyalty programs simultaneously using a single, robust platform
Guaranteed ease-of-use
define even the most complex loyalty program rules without specialized knowledge or IT expertise
An embedded gamification solution
Engage and reward the most dedicated clients to maximize customer satisfaction