Acumatica Cloud ERP

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Cloud ERP lets you manage your business, review all customer interactions, and obtain proactive business reports and insights, all from any web-enabled device anywhere at any time. Built for mobile and telework scenarios and easily integrated with the collaboration tools of your choice, our cloud ERP helps maintain day-to-day operations via 24/7 access to business tools and functions.

All types of business size

Most adaptable business management solution for growing small and midmarket organisations.

Technology Leadership

Access your business on true mobile apps from any device, anywhere with over 99% uptime.

Industry Functionality

Specific industry editions and cross-module workflows enable high levels of efficiency from the office or home.

Ethical Business Practices

Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights provides 10 key benefits and guarantees not available from other cloud ERP providers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What is Cloud ERP ?

Cloud ERP allows users to access ERP software over the Internet. It also gives companies access to their business-critical applications at any time, any where.

Cloud ERP with lower upfront costs, because computing resources are leased monthly rather than purchased outright, substantial upfront expenditure for hardware and software and maintained on premises.

Using the right cloud provider, a company can rapidly scale their business productivity software as their business grows or a new company is added.

The benefits of Cloud ERP

Why Choose Acumatica Cloud ERP

With Acumatica Cloud ERP system, the entire process – automating the purchasing, receiving, issuing and the return of inventory items can be tailored through built-in workflows to include workflow approvals for requisitions.

With Acumatica, you can employ several different methods, including LIFO, FIFO and average costing, to value your inventory for your financial statement.

Advanced Cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica deliver full-function, flexible, fully-integrated enterprise-class order processing, CRM, operations management, and accounting—all tailored to the needs of growing small and mid-size businesses.

Acumatica’s business intelligence (BI) tools and dashboards combines data from multiple sources and enables users to uncover insights lost in the data through rich visuals and natural language queries.

Access your business information from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Mobile devices are everywhere, and your customers, partners, and employees use them regularly to communicate, access the Web, and conduct business.

Acumatica Cloud ERP system offers 24/7 system access from any location on any device. Content automatically reflows to respond to various screen sizes, orientations, and resolutions, which ensures the interface and workflow is consistent. This translates into improved freedom and productivity, allowing people to choose where they work and on their preferred device.

Acumatica is truly a modern ERP solution that integrates all these technologies with the front office and back office to automate your processes, assist you in planning for the future, and provide real-time dashboards so you can visualize the current results anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

For the small- and mid-size businesses that Acumatica serves, the ability to adapt and grow with change was designed into the product from its inception. Companies often find that everything they need is included in one integrated and highly tailorable package that meets today’s requirements while still being able to scale for the future changes.

The best way to improve cash flow while maintaining a high level of service, is to take orders accurately, ship quickly using customer preference, avoid mistakes in billing, and have reporting to signal slow payers.

Modern ERP systems reduce errors and the time it takes to receive your cash from a sale. Customer orders can be automated in many ways, including websites, phone orders, and point-of-sale devices. The system can automatically apply discounts, display item availability, and offer delivery options. Orders are then sent to shipping and invoiced—without requiring the initial information to be rekeyed by a human.

Modern ERP systems have customer relationship management (CRM) integrated into their foundation. All information from quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, payments, and service calls is retained and available to all of the company’s staff.

The ability to see a customer’s interaction with your organization from initial contact through purchase and support provides valuable information about customer behavior and offers your company opportunities for upselling, proactive actions, reduced support costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Products

General Edition

One complete package to run your business: Financials, Project Accounting, CRM, and Reporting and BI.

Distribution Edition

Manage quotes and orders, track inventory, automate purchasing, and improve customer service.

Manufacturing Edition

Use phones and tablets to capture material issues, move transactions, and labor with Acumatica’s mobile app and scanning.

Construction Edition

Easily manage customers, finances—including job cost accounting—field and service teams in one complete solution.

Commerce Edition

Deliver a consistent customer experience across all sales channels with full integration between online, mobile and in-store service.

Field Service Edition

Service Management tracks and optimizes every process of your field services operations.