Indoor Positioning and Location Technology

for mobile, Web and kiosk

Managing a large multi-building complex, which may encompass multiple properties, poses logistical, cost, and manpower challenges.

Mapsted’s Location Positioning Technology provides you with advanced, innovative front and back end location-based technology solutions to meet the growing needs of your business. Mapsted lets you experience seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding without the need for beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware.

Location Positioning Technology

Accurate, scalable outdoor and indoor positioning technology using any off-the-shelf smartphone.

Easy Integration

Easy integration with your applications. We also offer support for multiple third party business intelligence software using our APIs.

Manage CMS

Manage and customize Mapsted Maps to meet specific business needs, using our proprietary content management system.

hardware-free indoor navigation

Works in any environment without the need for Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi.

Why choose us?

Why Mapsted’s Indoor Wayfinding?

Mapsted lets you experience seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding without the need for beacons, Wi-Fi, or additional external hardware.

Mapsted’s indoor navigation solutions give your business the power of effortless navigation, hyperlocal, intelligent marketing, and detailed insights into customer behaviour with the power of real-time analytics.

Stand-alone, patented indoor navigation solution doesn’t rely on the use of expensive external hardware to determine position, making it highly accurate, scalable, and inexpensive.


Maps, Positioning & Wayfinding

Customizable indoor navigation solutions to meet the growing needs of your business.

Interactive map product is available for mobile, Web, and kiosk. You can choose to integrate Mapsted’s fully customizable prebuilt map into your app, or take advantage of our innovative hardware-free positioning technology using your own user interface.

Mapsted’s interactive inside maps include an intelligent search feature that helps visitors locate points of interest throughout your property by name, category, or keyword. Powered by our proprietary algorithm, Mapsted’s smart search engine features:

  • The ability to search by name, category, or keywor
  • Intuitive type and spelling error handling
  • Reverse geocoding supported within properties and buildings
  • Real-time auto suggestions

Mapsted delivers turn-by-turn indoor navigation without the need for additional external hardware. The technology uses horizontal, vertical positioning and multi-building positioning, to allow users to seamlessly navigate across complex outdoor-indoor venues.

We use a directional beam to pinpoint user location on our maps. The beam auto-rotates to adjust orientation based on where a user is, creating a contextual navigation experience.

Mapsted’s wayfinding engine generates optimized property-wide multi-destination routing to help users seamlessly navigate to their desired points of interest in your venue.

In addition, users can also customize routes by selecting their preferred routing options, including:

  • Stairs
  • Elevators
  • Escalators

Delivers highly customizable accessible route planning for safe, reliable navigation in any location. It allows users to customize their routes based on their individual accessibility needs.

When enabled, the provided routes avoid stairs, steps, and escalators, and use ramps or elevators to help the user navigate to their destination instead.

Users also to customize their routes based on their individual accessibility needs.

Offers several location-sharing options to help users interact with family, friends or colleagues. With location sharing, users can:

  • Share their real-time location with others on their contact list
  • Create a pin and share it to meet up with friends at a specific location
  • Tag their car by creating a pin and using it to navigate back to its location
  • Set a duration for how long location sharing will be available

Mapsted’s Manage CMS software allows you to quickly add properties,
upload floor plans, and customize our interactive maps, so you can make changes in real-time, ensuring your visitors always have the most up-to-date information.

Use Manage Dashboard to:

  • Add and customise new properties
  • Upload and organize floor plans
  • Set working and holiday hours for your properties
  • Select authentication permissions for visitors and staff

Easily adapt translations for map objects, like property names and descriptions, to a specific country or region to enhance the app experience for local and international customers.

  • Support for both left-to-right and right-to-left languages
  • Automatic translation support for most commonly used languages

Additional translation and font files are needed for non-mainstream languages, but this is handled automatically when using Mapsted’s Map UI SDK or our prebuilt UI/UX.

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