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Point of Sales System (POS)

iVend POS powers brick-and-mortar stores as a full service point of sale. Available on terminal and mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, eCommerce integrated, loyalty-ready capabilities make it easy to sell to your customers, and more importantly, keep them coming back. Customizable UI empowers you to reflect your retail brand consistently across all shopping channels.

About iVend Retail management

iVend POS

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iVend POS is the feature-rich core of the iVend Retail management suite and allows centralised management of all inventory, customer profiles and configurations, including pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns, from one place. The intuitive UI can be operated using a touch screen or keyboard, on iOS, Android or PC, online or offline, and connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers.


Grow Your Retail Business

with POS Technology

Centralised Gift Card & Voucher Management
Available in System Generated, Pre-Printed, User Defined, Email
Seamless Payments
Multiple Payment Types Supported. Secure Credit Card Authorisations. Receive payments on account
Point of Sale & Checkout
Execute quick transactions with custom branded, user-friendly terminal interfaces
Pricing & Promotion Management
Enable a wide range of promotion types and common promotions
Loyalty & Customer Management
Launch targeted promotions, offers and campaigns that keep customers return
Merchandising, Replenishing & Forecasting
Generate sales forecasts by product, group, categories and merchandise
Inventory Control & Stock Management
Track all stock items and movements with full visibility into real-time inventory
System & Deployment
Works in both online and offline mode. Available On-Premises and On-Cloud
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Why Choose iVend POS

for Your business

Today’s consumers demand a seamless shopping experience. iVend Retail presents a series of seven tightly integrated software modules that bridge your eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar presence to help you exceed your customer’s great omnichannel expectations.

iVend POS transforms the point of sale into a point of service, with features that enhance the shopping experience. Empower store associates to provide a more personalised experience by accessing customer purchase history and information from anywhere in the store. Reduce wait and transaction times by transitioning from a terminal to a mobile device. Customize all screens and printed documents to your brand standards. Know your product inventory in-real time – giving your sales associates more power to up-sell, cross-sell and increase customer value.

Inventory management is a key omnichannel challenge and accurate allocation and replenishment are critical to customer satisfaction. iVend Retail provides real-time, accurate visibility into inventory and allows for the distribution of inventory for all channels from the same warehouse, resulting in few-stocks, savings in inventory carrying costs and easier fulfilment by virtue of real-time view of all the stock held by the enterprise. Put simply, increasing inventory accuracy drives revenue, and generates a greater return on investment.

By supporting every possible customer path through the retailer’s ecosystem with consistent approaches to promotions, customer returns and exchanges, earning and redemption of loyalty rewards, use of gift cards and digital passes (electronic coupons), iVend POS ensures the most uniform consumer experience, irrespective of how your customers shop.

Transform data into decisions with integrated reporting and analytics for real-time insight into KPIs, including best sellers, customer analysis and sales performance. Reports are easily accessible via user-friendly dashboards. Dashboards and reports are mobile-friendly, and can be SMS-triggered, allowing for decision making from anywhere, even from the store floor.

iVend POS helps retailers reward customer value across all channels with integrated store and online loyalty, allowing shoppers to accrue and redeem points in any channel. Provide more rewarding experiences for your shoppers and valuable customer insights for more targeted marketing and promotions.

Secure payments through regional and country specific integrated payment systems allow for numerous payment methods and tenders. Transactions are fully integrated into the sales process to allow for faster checkout experience for your customers. iVend POS includes integration of data encryption and tokenization security solutions for full PCI DSS and EMV compliance. iVend POS also helps combat in-store fraud by assigning access rights per salesperson with security, Biometric login, as well as to management of data access restrictions with password, and automatic alerts on suspicious behaviors.

Allows retailers to provide monetary value for items that make up their inventory. Standard Costing feature in iVend POS enables to determine product profitability, helping retailers make necessary decisions for their business. Inventory Costing is available to retailers using iVend Retail as a standalone application (Unplugged) without integration to an ERP system.