importance of accurate analytics

Accurate forecasting is critical for automotive manufacturers and car dealers alike. Good estimations of future demands allow for proper planning, budgeting and effective campaigning. All these point towards the need for good business analytics to measure past results and to drive future strategies.Good analytics start with having a robust database of records. As they say: Garbage in, garbage out. Improving accuracy of your database and ensuring records are up-to-date yields long term benefits as you track not only market movements, but also your own past and current performances. Having a bigger picture allows you to chart and plan your company growth roadmap more accurately. Here at Websight Loyalty we work together with automotive industry players to clean up their database records and achieve data integration between disparate systems or various phases of the customer lifecycle.


Drive Results with Analytics

 back end fucntion

Customer Loyalty is recognized as a key-metric in the automotive industry; having your database reveal accurate repurchase timings and rates of repurchase of vehicles within your market segment will guide your production planning, marketing campaigns and customer retention efforts.Improving customer retention in turn drives down cost for customer acquisition, and increases brand advocacy from satisfied customers. But not all customers are created equal; some will be more profitable, and some less. Analytics driven Customer Loyalty Programs help you differentiate the two (or twenty thousand) and allows you to focus on those that are likely to be return customers.

Privilege benefit

Engaging with customers can be a lot more fun than just quarterly mailings of full-colored catalogues. At Websight we strive to create effective engagement strategies by employing a combination of real-world, digital, and mobile engagement tactics.Privilege benefits programs are an easy way to kick-start your loyalty programs at low costs. Strategic brand partnerships can benefit both parties and be fun and relevant for customers at the same time. Keep things spiced up by having seasonal specials time-limited promotions regularly.

Mobile Diagram

While privilege benefits can give you some edge, and even a bit of buzz, running a full-scale points-based loyalty program creates tangible currency to incentivize customers.This is important if you are relying on positive reinforcement to increase desirable behavior (what else?). Allow customers the flexibility of choice and range in item redemptions and you will see a high level of participation from customers..How about having your brand in a customer's pocket when they leave the house and at their bedside when they sleep? A well thought-out mobile app will be relevant to customers and stay on their phones as a consistent favourite. Stay connected with customers through the mobile app and encourage interaction via social media

Community Diagram

Build a community of advocates and bring them together often! No paid billboard ad will be as convincing as a group of excited enthusiasts who are walking-and-talking live testimonials of your brand. Build an online community portal to encourage socializing and interaction and include social media integration to complete the portrait. Then use Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics to drive traffic and public attention to your portal.


Core Business Services Overview


Proprietary technology to instantly and automatically produce mobile optimization for your desktop site.

Microsites & Templates

Light weight sites that allow your audience to focus on only the essentials. Ideal for Ad-hoc events, promotons, and on-location mobile targeting.

Custom Native Apps

Custom-built tools on iOS and Android platforms that are the swiss-army knives of the digital world. Use it as a customer engagement tool, or to increase enterprise mobility as an in-house tool.

Call Centre Services

Talk to your customers to find out what they really think about your product. Add Verification of Customer Details and throw in a survey to gain real understanding of your customers.

CLP Customer Engagement Tactics

Engage Customers with various tools both in the real world, and digitally. Gain seamless integration between the two with mobile technology.

CLP Back End Solutions

Setup and integration your customer database management systems and various points-based customer loyalty program solutions.