Database Management Center


Client intended to roll out a full fledged customer loyalty program comprising data cleansing, profiling and rewarding with events invitations and welcome kits


  • Backlog cleansing of entire customer database
  • Monthly customer data cleansing for new sales
  • Marketing survey questionnaire
  • Demographics report and analytics for all cleansed data for respective timeinterval

  • Challenges

  • Multilingual call center specialists
  • Hit the ground running within 2 weeks
  • Capacity ramped up to complete backlog cleansing (~33k customers) within 3 months that includes initial call and 2 rounds of call backs
  • Mobile Portal by Websight


  • Client is a listed company and our customer, initially, in providing mobile solutions. They were very impressed with the technology product that we have and subsequently opted to OEM it to form a closer partnership

  • Responsibilities

  • Support client portal development group act as 2nd tier support to mobile solution delivery
  • Commit to researching and developing mobile middleware technology to provide better mobilization results

  • Challenges

  • To support Client massive customer base of portal development
  • To guarantee a turn around time for mobilization between 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on mobilization scope
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  • Mohe started out on web 1.0 technology when we were first approached to mobilize their website. Since then, we have been working very closely with Mohe in our mobilization processes, with different challenges emerging over time, as their site eventually matured and moved on to a joomla platform.