Proprietary mobilization technology for instant mobile content. The simple idea is that we are able to deliver a mobile version of whatever is on your desktop website without intruding or interfering with your back end.

Once we have analyzed your website and the initial setup is done, your mobile version will work in-sync with your desktop version in real time, and there is no technical maintenance of any kind required on your part.

Templates and microsites

If you're in need of a mobile site for a one-off event, then it does not make sense to pay for automatic, instantly updating technology.

Instead, try light weight sites that allow your audience to focus on only the essentials. These are ideal for ad-hoc events, mobile brochures, in-store promotions, and on-location mobile targeting. Couple that with some email-grab features to stay in touch with your customers and you're golden. If you dread the logistics of registration and attendance signups for your events, then you must ask us about our mobile registration module which we believe you will love.

Custom Native Apps

These are your Android and iOS Apps with deep customization and complex features.

Use it with GPS-functionality and Social Media Integration as a means to draw customers to your outlets. Better still deploy it as an extension of your in-house management tools to gain mobility and increased efficiency for your organization. You'll be surprised what can be done with mobile app tools these days.

Call Centre Services

Clean up your customer database records by giving customers a call. Verify and rectify details, and then throw in a survey to gauge satisfaction or feedback.

Talk to your customers to find out what they really think about your product, sales, or services.

Analytics and KPI Measuring

Good analytics go hand in hand with a robust customer database in helping your CLP grow. Having the right data will drive your CLP in the right direction and in targeting the right market segments.

Talk to us about sales analytics, KPI measuring, customer satisfaction index, or any other data you might find useful for your business.

Mobile Content Broadcasting

Our technology offers a portable standalone Broadcast Box that both stores and broadcasts your mobile content to visitors via Wi-fi and Bluetooth on-location. All you need is a power outlet.

If you couple that with an active internet connection, we can also hook it up to your Facebook Page so visitors can instantly share their experiences with their friends.

SEO/ Web Data Analytics

If you want to drive traffic to your awesome website or product page, or understand who's been visiting your site, we have tailored solutions that will meet your needs.