Web design & development

We believe that gaining a thorough understanding of our client's business (including products and targets) is the key factor in successful website design & development. When this understanding is combined with our thirst for identifying opportunities for innovation and our reputation for producing well designed, stable and highly optimised websites, the end result is a solution that really does make a positive difference to our clients.

Graphic design & branding

Our graphic design is varied and inventive and we are equally comfortable working with existing branding or creating your brand image from scratch. In addition to graphic design for the web we produce design work for offline media including stationary, brochures and promotional literature.

E-commerce solutions

Perceived quality is especially important in e-commerce because trust is the key factor in every e-commerce vendor-customer relationship. A poor quality or badly integrated e-commerce system can lead to a breakdown of this trust before it's even begun. At Binarydrive we have the knowledge to provide you with a well designed, secure and fully integrated e-commerce system for your new or existing website.

Content management systems

Take control of your website! A Content Management System (CMS) empowers website administrators with the ability to update their own site. Using a web based control panel and basic computer skills a website administrator is able to securely login and update their website at any time of day or night and from anywhere in the World with an Internet enabled computer! Posting news articles, updating prices and products, changing staff lists, updating text or images and more all becomes as straightforward as using a word processor. To learn more about what a CMS could do for the productivity of your business simply contact us for obligation-free advice.

Accessibility solutions

Accessibility is the very important issue of making sure your website can be seen and understood by all of your visitors. Up to 15% of people in the United Kingdom have a disability or impairment which affects their ability to view and use websites and unless your website is designed and built around accessibility features and technologies you are effectively shutting these people out. Having an accessible website has other side benefits too - your site will be faster loading, truly multi-platform (for access by PDAs etc.), more search engine friendly and you'll be secure in the knowledge that you're meeting usability guidelines

Your new website can be built with accessibility features from the start or we can modify your existing website to bring it up to date with the most up-to-date guidelines - simply contact us for more information.

Marketing & promotion

Whatever your business there is quite simply no point in having a good website if your target audience doesn't get to see it. Furthermore, in today's extremely competitive environments the correct promotion of your website is more essential than ever and the benefits of an inventive marketing strategy should not be overlooked.

Even if you already have an existing website we can tailor a marketing package to suit you. We have a thorough knowledge of using the latest techniques to get real results. These include online market research, email marketing, banner advertisement creation and placement, sponsored linking, search engine optimisation (SEO), statistics monitoring and offline advertising.

Customer Loyalty Programme

Websight is the specialist loyalty marketing agency - we 'manage' (create, retain & grow) profitable relationships on behalf of our clients and deliver world-class loyalty marketing solutions via 3-core competencies: Consulting. Creative. Client Services.

We effectively manage profitable relationships by leveraging our commercial experience, creativity & customer insight, which enables us to:

define profitable behaviour & identify best customers
design marketing initiatives to maintain & influence profitable behaviour (create, retain & grow profitable relationships)
deliver incremental yield & maximise customer lifetime value

Event management services

Websight provides a comprehensive management service tailored to suit the unique requirements of each event. Our services range from the delivery of full conference and event management to a selective role such as assisting with registration, accommodation and/or special events requirements.

We provides all the management resources for your events. Our team will coordinate all support services necessary for the campaign, and provide a consistent interface with your management team throughout the planning, development and implementation of the program.